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About Us

Our Team

Our current massage therapists have 10 years of work experience, they can speak English, have strong working ability, and actively learn new technologies. Every masseur has undergone strict checks from entry to training and induction.

Our Progress

This year, we officially launched our online reservation system Booker, which is a convenient place for customers to make reservations and purchase gift cards directly on the website. This greatly improves our work efficiency and saves valuable time for customers. We also launched a program called Messenger AI. This program allows customers to make appointments with the help of AI via SMS. Our clients can use this service to write and share reviews based on the service received here at Kung Fu Therapy Center. We receive quite a few good reviews. Our current rating on Google is 4.9.

Our loyalty points program

We appreciate your choosing Kung Fu Therapy Center for your wellness services. To express our appreciation we have created the Kung Fu Therapy Center Rewards Program!
Here’s how the program works:

  • You will be automatically enrolled when you receive your first service with us – Fill out the customer information form one time
  • You will earn one point per $1 spent on any service
  • Your Loyalty Points may be used on any massage or spa service. For example: When you have 300 points you can redeem $30 on any massage or spa service.

Our Future

Starting in 2023, we will launch various promotions and massage packages. This is to help introduce the high-quality health products and the imported equipment meant to improve the massage experience. Our loyal customers will see our progress. This is our first store. We are a young team with dreams for an innovative future. We look forward to your support!